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Released 2020-10-22

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved locking issue during getRegistrationInstanceProgress API call
  • Fixes bug with non-API integrations and errors logged for Tin Can package launches when persisting the launch statement
  • [LTI] The /scores Assignment and Grade Service endpoint can accept a request body with additional parameters not defined in the Assignment and Grade spec
  • [LTI] Fixes a bug with the Assignment and Grade Service's /scores endpoint that would raise an error when a score update was sent with a null ScoreGiven property
  • [LTI] The more token in nextUrl Link Header returned by the Assignment and Grade Service's /results endpoint is now URL encoded


  • Return a 400 status when a launch link is requested for a cmi5 course with "tracking": "false". This is disallowed because this parameter has no impact on cmi5 courses and you may mistakenly think you are launching it in read-only mode.
  • Engine will now rollup the progress percentage (registrationCompletionAmount in the registration schema) from single-AU cmi5 courses that include the extension in statements sent ( This applies to media content as well since it uses cmi5.
  • Remove detailed stack trace from error response from RecordResults page (saving progress from the SCORM player) to prevent leaking of internal details. An 'Error Reference' GUID will be included in the response that can be used to lookup the more detailed information in the logs.
  • Added experimental option (setting) to trigger SCORM Rollup() when Terminate() is called, potentially mitigating some lost completions.
  • Added experimental support (setting) for using LOB storage for registration progress with AICC courses. By default this only happens for SCORM and Tin Can courses. This type of storage removes all database queries to the ScormActivity* tables and reduce the load and potential locking when saving updates to the registration state.
  • [Offline Extension] Returns the registration instance and course version in the schema returned by /player/configuration endpoint.



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