Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2020-09-11

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue with TinCan launches in which content authorization cookies were not added when UsePlayerForTinCanLaunches and RemoteDeliverPageUrl are set
  • Fix bug with recording of completion status in YouTube courses when seeking to the end and relaunching and restarting the video.
  • Fixes issue in which the database upgrade tool could not drop and recreate certain indices when moving from 2019.1 to 20.1.
  • [Offline Extension Only] Prevents the throwing of an error if signed launch links are enabled and the /player/configuration API is used


  • [Java Only] Update commons-codec and commons-compress dependencies, which should now be more lenient with certain edge cases in zip packages
  • [Media Content] No longer use a timeout to indicate an error loading the media content file, which was sometimes triggered even when the content was able to load (but took too long).
  • Updated license documentation


Dispatch Changes

Bug Fixes

  • [LTI Only] Fixes an issue with SameSite=None being required for third-party cookies in new versions of Chrome


  • No longer need to supply platform configuration information in order to create an LTI 1.3 destination (see updated documentation.
  • Dispatch only, for courses that are AICC, cmi5, or Tin Can (those that require polling) make the polling failure message more clear about lack of ability to save progress.
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