Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2020-08-21

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug on Safari when using CompressRecordResultsPayload to reduce the size of requests from the SCORM player. If you are using this setting, you should update to this version.
  • Fix issue with V2 endpoints when setting a non-default value for the ApiRoot setting
  • Resolves issue with needing write access to /defaultui folder for Offline Extension exports
  • Resolves issue with the player's calculations of minimum height in some edge cases
  • Media file import jobs will now be async, like other import jobs


  • Added a new API resource to create a new registration and get the launch link for it in the same request (POST /registrations/withLaunchLink)
  • Engine is now certified as a platform for LTI 1.3 Core!
  • Reduced lock duration for metrics, resolved contention in some very high load environments
  • Add client certificate support to web hook authentication
  • Adds new CORSAdditionalAllowedHeaders setting to allow custom values to be appended to the CORS Access-Control-Allow-Headers header returned by the LRS endpoints
  • Improved error logging for webhook postbacks
  • [Go1 Connector] Improved remote search sorting -- now by relevance, and improved handling of searching when collections specified


Dispatch Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Fix sequencing issue affecting certain courses (those that have readSatisfiedStatus set to true) while being Dispatched


  • LTI 1.3 Dispatch implementation is now IMS certified!
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