Content Controller V3.0.186



  • Slightly altered LTI 1.1 launch secret generation to ensure compatibility with Canvas
  • Added support for folders when importing through the pubic API and in the bulk import tool
  • Clarified audit log messages when adding subtitles.
  • When importing a piece of content, the folder into which the content was added is now included in the audit log
  • The audit log now includes when an account folder is created through an import job.
  • Improved SCORM 2004 dispatch templates to follow sequencing best practices (
  • Show "select all" checkbox in the Home folder of content and equivalent lists
  • Correctly center icon for large rows in content list search results
  • Clarifying language in the actions for adding content and folders to an account.
  • Made dispatch polling frequency configurable

Bug Fixes

  • Hide error that is sometimes shown to users when exiting a dispatch package launched with both launch types set to "frameset"
  • Resolved an incompatibility between cookieless content authentication and launching media files.
  • Fixed a bug that could rarely cause errors when assigning certain content to accounts.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't correctly generate custom launch parameters for RXD courses within bundles
  • Fixed bug with LTI 1.1 grading requests not working with some LTI platforms
  • Refresh bundle list after editing bundle details to reflect changes.
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