SCORM Cloud Release - 07/20/2020



Features / Changes

  • Support for import of media files (.pdf, .mp3, .mp4) has been added!  
  • SCORM Cloud's internal Rustici Engine was upgraded to version 20, bringing some features (such as the aforementioned media file imports), in addition to several bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Query parameters in the V2 API are now case-insensitive.  additionalValues will be treated the same as additionalvalues

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with GDPR learner delete method which reported learner as non-existing if they had no registrations (even if they did still have a user record)
  • GET /dispatch/destinations/{destinationId}/dispatches (getDestinationDispatches) - Resolved issue with the more token when attempting to retrieve pages of dispatches via this endpoint.
  • POST /registrations/{registrationId}/launchLink (buildRegistrationLaunchLink)
    • The items provided in the additionalValues parameter are now correctly passed into the launch of the content and are available in the player.
    • The redirectOnExitUrl parameter now behaves correctly when passed one of the message keywords.
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