Engine and Engine Dispatch 2019.1.10.422


Released 2020-02-10

NOTE: Everyone on 2019.1 using the new PDF and Url import types should update to this release, as it fixes several bugs related to those, and removes some potential issues with Chrome 80+.


  • Added metrics to track time spent doing JSON serialization / deserialization
  • Delete expired xAPI (TinCan) launch tokens via a background thread instead of as part of launch
  • Add ability to specify course metadata during Import of zip files (courses/importJobs/upload or courses/upload)
  • Clearer response messages when creating dispatches with missing or invalid destination ID
  • Improve xAPI content registration creation and launch throughput
  • Made a batch of minor performance improvements in various parts of the launch process
  • Add ability to serve xAPI statement query requests from a different DB connection (read replica)
  • Moves creation of auth cookies entirely to the player (rather than the launch page) except for Tin Can launches (which don't use the player by default)
  • [Reporting Extension] Adds an endpoint to delete any embeddable or predefined report

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for displaying a title updated through the API for media content (would previously show the title specified during import)
  • Fixes several issues with media file content (pdf, video, url) related to saving of state during unload
  • Address incorrect activity definition for PDF page interaction
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