Engine and Engine Dispatch 2019.1.8.320


Released 2019-12-23

NOTE: Everyone on 2019.1 should update to this release to receive the latest patch for the upcoming Chrome 80 release blocking synchronous postbacks during page dismissal.


  • Reduce excessive SQL calls for GET / registrations (and potentially other calls that need to look up registrations / packages)
  • Improved handling of urls generated by Engine in certain hosting scenarios
  • Show button to launch course when popup window blocked in pdf/video courses using WebContentForceNewWindow.
  • When importing SCORM courses by specifying a manifest path, any URL parameters will be used when fetching external metadata files.

Bug Fixes

  • Further changes to prevent issues from Chrome's blocking of synchronous postbacks during unload of the player.
  • [Dispatch Only] Fixes issue with look-ahead sequencer introduced in 2019.1.5.221
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