Engine and Engine Dispatch 2019.1.5.221


Released 2019-11-08


  • Improved configuration API error messages.
  • Allow specifying the cmi5 publisher id when importing courses through the metadata schema property.
  • Update Dispatch SCORM 1.2 imsmanifest.xml template to better conform with the specification
  • Improvements to UI elements in the Admin tool
  • Improved load time for /registrations endpoint
  • Interaction statements created by the SCORM-to-xAPI feature now include the 'latency' value from the SCORM interaction if set
  • [Dispatch Only] Added the X_DispatchPrependDestinationIdForLearner setting to make it possible to disambiguate learner identifiers across destinations within a single tenant.

Bug Fixes

  • Use the latest package version when creating a new registration instance through the API (v2 Only)
  • Fixes bug preventing package properties links from rendering (legacy v1 API only)
  • Fixed issue with XML parsing where some requests to save progress from the SCORM player would fail under high load
  • [.NET Only] Specify Invariant Culture when persisting Score-Related Properties to fix bug when using a thread culture with commas as decimal separators
  • [Dispatch Only] Fixed a bug with some dispatches that could cause lost data if the player window was manually closed before the SCO window.
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