Engine and Engine Dispatch 2019.1.4.173


Released 2019-10-21

Bug Fixes

  • Mitigate a CVE in JQuery related to the expected return value type of .ajax calls
  • URL content will no longer try to send multiple completion statements on relaunch, which could lead to a cmi5 error
  • Fixed bug with multi-page URL content that could affect the UI
  • Include audio/video profile information in statements generated by those media content types

Fixes to PENS functionality

  • PENS now works with S3 file stores, potentially with an integration change (for non-API customers only)
  • Fixed a null reference exception which keep a PENS job from processing
  • Fixed PENS overwrite duplicate action
  • Fixed PENS job lock release which would cause errors to appear in logs and might have caused a delay in retrying a failed job
  • For customers using the API integration, PENS imports will now post results to the ImportPostbackUrl, if defined
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