Content Controller V2.2.79


New API Endpoints

We added a number of new endpoints to the automation API. In the release you'll find endpoints for all of the following:

  • Creating, retrieving, editing, configuring, and assigning bundles
  • Configuring account custom CSS
  • Publishing new versions of courses
  • Creating, retrieving, editing, and assigning licenses
  • Managing account xAPI statement forwarding configuration

You can find the details on these endpoints in our documentation here:


  • Improved error handling and input validation on course import endpoint
  • We will now use the account's configured custom CSS (if any is configured) in the equivalent content view
  • You can now edit certain properties of RXD courses after they've been imported
  • Now the text in the language selector frame around your equivalents will be translated into the current language.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where reports couldn't be opened in certain time zones
  • Improved the user experience where clicking on the drop-down icon wouldn't open language selector
  • Resolved an issue where Content Controller wouldn't report on interactions that were nested too deeply in multi-SCO courses with multiple child activities
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