Engine and Engine Dispatch 2019.1.2.130


Released 2019-09-03


  • Updated security scopes mainly for dispatch and admin areas of the API.
  • Adds case-insensitive enum parsing on Java to match existing .NET behavior.
  • The Admin Tool's API page now defaults to the correct protocol based on the page it's loaded on.
  • Added a new integration method for building xAPI actor from learnerId (for legacy non-API customers).
  • Language translations for "Close" string on exit button in media content player.
  • Improvements to the xAPI statements generated by media contents
  • Added fallback mechanism to deal with upcoming Chrome 78 blocking synchronous player exit postback
  • The configuration setting "AllowedRequests" will now default to forbidding any request except what Engine needs for its core functionality: (launch, deliver, record results)
  • Added the fetch and reference import API resources to properly handle media content

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Engine version output by upgrade tool into the ScormEngineDbUpdates table.

Reporting Extension

  • The reporting/enable endpoint now returns list of when reporting was enabled/disabled
  • Fixes problem where csv file with quoted commas would not get parsed correctly on the json reporting endpoint.
  • Fixes issue where custom reporting label would be returned camel-cased instead of as specified on the json reporting endpoint.
  • Improve exception message when using reporting plugin with bad configuration.
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