Now enabled: SCORM Cloud API v2!


We’re excited to let you know that SCORM Cloud API v2 is out of beta and ready for action! SCORM Cloud API v2 not only gives you access to new functionality but also makes it possible to move integrations against the SCORM Cloud API v2 from our SaaS platform to a self-hosted solution (or take a hybrid approach).

And the best part? We’ve already enabled v2 access on the backend for everyone, so you can get started porting your integration to use v2 of our API today. Take a look at what’s new.


What’s new in SCORM Cloud API v2

SCORM Cloud & Rustici Engine compatibility
SCORM Cloud API v2 makes it easy to write a single application that can integrate with either SCORM Cloud or Rustici Engine, introducing a lot of flexibility for existing users of either system and removing technical hurdles for new users who want to take a “crawl, walk, run” approach.

More compact and flexible data format with JSON
SCORM Cloud API v2 solely supports JSON, providing more compact payloads easily consumed in javascript and other languages.

Added security when using single-page applications 
The API v2 supports both basic auth and OAuth 2.0 with an implicit grant authentication flow, allowing you to securely interact with the API v2 within a single-page application (SPA) or other browser-based scenarios.

Avoid gateway timeouts with asynchronous course imports
The API v2 now exclusively supports asynchronous course imports. Synchronous imports (previously supported in v1 API) can become problematic and cause gateway timeouts once courses exceed a size that can be processed by a browser in under 30 seconds. 

Embedded course, registration, and learner tagging 
We’ve embedded the relative tagging methods in each of the course, registration, and learner endpoints. We have also removed the ability to tag registrations and learners at launch. While this was a convenience in the v1 API, it was in conflict with the REST model of the API v2.

Automatically generate API client libraries
Because we defined the API v2 using Swagger, you can automatically generate an API client library in any language supported by OpenAPI community.


Great! So, I can start using SCORM Cloud API v2 now?

Yep! Our dev team has already migrated all applications over to v2, so we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Head over to our docs page to find API clients and updated documentation. We think you’ll find API v2 feels really familiar as it just has a more modern client code to work with.

What happens to SCORM Cloud API v1?

We will be deprecating development and support for the API v1 over the next 24 months and will communicate details with you in advance. Until then, all of the functionality in v1 will continue to work for existing applications.


If you have any questions, please contact us at

The SCORM Cloud team at Rustici Software

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