Content Controller V2.2.55


New Features

Single Sign-On Integration using SAML

Use an organization’s Identity Provider to authenticate application users. Instead of logging into CC with a username and password, you can click a button on the sign-in page to authenticate with a configured identity provider (e.g., Active Directory) instead. This lets organizations centrally
manage their user credentials.

Audit Logging

A comprehensive log of everything every user does in the application. All user actions are written to a new, separate log file. The audit log messages include the user’s ID, what they did, and when they did it. For example, if a user adds a course to an equivalent, the message would indicate the user, course, language, and equivalent.

Customer-Controlled Language Lists

Application users can add languages for equivalents themselves. Instead of being limited to the language options that we ship with CC, customers can add whatever languages they like, directly in the application (under the “Administration” section). Now, you don't need to open a support ticket asking us for a new language, and then waiting for a new release that adds it!

Major Improvements 

Improved Equivalent Language Determination

We’ll make better guesses as to which language a learner will prefer. Whenever a learner launches an equivalent, we look at a few pieces of data to decide which language to use for the interstitial page. Before now, we’d just look at what they’d chosen previously for the equivalent they just launched, as well as their browser preferences. Now, we also look at other equivalents they’ve launched, and the account’s default language (which is also new in v2.2).

Direct-to-Content Equivalent Launches

Skip the interstitial page for equivalents when we know what language to use. When we have a pretty good idea of what language a learner will select for an equivalent, we can optionally skip the interstitial page and deliver the content immediately. Since we’ll sometimes get it wrong, we also show a language selection frame underneath the content, so they can switch languages on the fly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug with AICC dispatch packages
  • Adjusted the metadata included in SCORM 1.2 dispatch packages to be more in-line with the specification.
  • Improved input validation for license creation
  • Fixed a bug causing duplicate interactions to be recorded in Content Controller when relaunching certain courses.

Note to self-hosted customers:

Content Controller is built around its sister product, Rustici Engine. When upgrading between major versions (e.g. -> 2.2.xx or 2.2.xx -> 3.0.x), we need to also upgrade Engine's database schema. To do this, just add the argument -e engine_upgrade=true to the command for running your playbooks. This flag tells Ansible that this particular deployment requires the Engine upgrade. You won't be required to use this flag when moving between maintenance releases (2.2.78 -> 2.2.81) unless specified in the release.

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