Calling ListCourse doesn't pull back courses you imported



I imported a course into the SCORM Cloud Console, but when we call your List Course method from our LMS, the course list is not returned, even though we just imported the course. What could we be doing wrong?


When you do a basic course import into the SCORM Cloud, it puts it into a special SCORM Cloud application area. In order to see your course in your external application, you need to upload the course at a specific location.

If you go to the 'Apps' area of the SCORM Cloud (where you got your appId and secret key: there is an import area in the top right of the page. On this page it is slightly different from elsewhere on the site. There is a dropdown for selecting an application to import the course into. If, before selecting your course to import, you select the application which you used to connect your external system, then when you try importing it will import it into the area reserved for your external application. Note that you will still see it in your SCORM Cloud library for SCORM Cloud use.

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