Getting Courseid via the SCORM Cloud API



I uploaded a course to my SCORM Cloud account using the form upload methods on your website. After the course is uploaded, how do I acquire the ID so that I can use the courseid in my service calls?


The short answer is that your user experience is going to be better all around if you use the API for as much as possible. This should probably include an API driven import control. As for uploading content through the website UI and interacting with it through the API the best way to do this is with the GetCourses method. Getting the course list is an easy way, and the one we use in our sample, to interact with the courses and create registration.

If you are intent on getting the ID from existing courses imported via the site without using the GetCourses API then you can check they query string when you visit the course's page in the Cloud UI. You should see this value:


Additionally, make sure you've uploaded the courses to the correct AppID. The default AppID that is used when importing a new course is restricted to the Cloud website UI. If you visit the "Apps" page of your account you'll notice there is a drop down associated with the import control that lets you pick which app you'd like to import the course into.

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