Engine And Engine Dispatch 2018.1.16.453



  • V2 /configuration requests now return an "effectiveValueSource" indicating the level each setting's value was found at.
  • "processReplacementTokens" query parameter on V2 /configuration requests adds the ability to return raw, non-replaced value of configuration settings
  • Adds "webPath" key to V2 course schema
  • Improve how cmi5 content directory works with remote delivery
  • External Config can now be changed in "OnLaunch" integration layer override even when using signed launch links

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug related to V1 and V2 APIs RuntimeInteractionSchemas having different ways of representing an undefined type value
  • Fixed bug with legacy setting unintentionally affecting the modern player.
  • Fixes courses getting assigned versions incorrectly when version 0 of the course was deleted and the course was re-imported
  • Disable client-side caching on concurrent launch link redirect requests.
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