Engine and Engine Dispatch 2018.1.8.304


Released 2019-03-08



  • Removed dependency in included web.xml that caused errors for non-Tomcat installations of Engine (Java only)
  • Deleting tenant data (v2) now removes tenant configuration settings
  • It is now possible to add configuration settings that apply to all courses of a specific learning standard, as well as separating out single and multiple SCO. This is primarily to allow default player settings for particular types of courses.
  • Add API resource for deleting a registration instance
  • Allow credentials with a general scopes to create credentials with a specific scope under that (eg: a token with "read" can create a token with "read:registration")
  • Fix issues when creating registrations with the InitialState property
  • Added course and course detail pages to the admin tool
  • Added registration search/detail pages to admin tool

Bug Fixes

  • Doing a GET request to /courses or /registrations will only return the most recent version of the course, or most recent instance of the registration in the list that is returned. It was previously returning all versions/instances, which was incorrect.
  • Fix bug with reactivating deactivated tenants through the v2 API
  • Fixed bug with system-schema-only upgrades
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