Engine and Engine Dispatch 2018.1.4.161


Released 2018-01-09



  • Performance improvement for folks relying on ApiBasicAccounts for v2.
  • Updated our axis2 config (for legacy SOAP Web Service users) to get rid of a couple warnings in the logs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix error returned when hitting the /courses endpoint in V2 API when there are enough results to require a 'more' token to be generated.
  • Added some missing properties for the ObjectiveSchema used in the RegistrationSchema in v2 responses. This brings it back in line with v1 responses.
  • Added some missing JARs for those customers deprecated SOAP web services. There was an error when hitting the endpoint to generate the WSDL.

Breaking Changes

  • If you are using the Java V2 API client library, the version included in this release switches from using threeten OffsetDateTime objects, to using native Java 8 OffsetDateTime. If you have code in your application that was calling client library methods using the threeten classes, you will need to change those references.

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