Engine and Engine Dispatch 2018.1.3.122


Released 2018-12-21



  • Adds metrics for v2 API endpoints
  • Adds ability to get preview link for a specific course version in v2 API
  • Adds configuration settings for enabling/disabling the v1 and v2 API endpoints. v1 of the API is now disabled by default. For customers upgrading from an older Engine using the v1 API, you should add the setting ApiEnableV1 to your config and set it to 'true'.
  • Removes deprecated ScormEnginePropertyEditControl
  • Default postback (import and registration rollup) format is the v2 API version. The v1 format can be selected by changing the configuration setting ApiPostbackDataModelVersion to 'v1'.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issues with date/time serialization format in the API and postback results. This bug was causing some deserialization problems with the client libraries.
  • Better fallback handling for intermittent cache lookup failures (Java only)
  • Fix missing score for cmi5 registrations in V1 progress results and registration postback JSON.
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