Content Controller V2.1 New Feature: Share as LTI


In addition to SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, and AICC, you can now share content from accounts as an LTI tool provider. Instead of downloading a ZIP package, you'll get a launch link, key, and secret that can be used to launch the content from an LTI-capable LMS.

You'll share your content using the same process as before. However, now, you'll see a LTI option in the dropdown.




Selecting LTI, will open a modal where you can click to generate the LTI information you'll need to install the course in an LTI compliant LMS.



That modal will give you a few options on how you can share the LTI credentials:

  • Copy the LTI information
  • Download the LTI Tool Provider Information via csv
  • Copy a link to download the LTI Tool Provider Information via csv


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