Engine and Driver have new names and our websites have a new look


For a long time, SCORM Engine and SCORM Driver (and SCORM Driver Cross Domain aka SDXD) have supported a lot more than just SCORM, which is why we’ve renamed SCORM Engine to Rustici Engine, SCORM Driver to Rustici Driver and SCORM Driver Cross Domain to Rustici Cross Domain. Moving forward, you’ll notice that new Knowledge Base articles talking about these products will refer to them with their new names. Our old articles will keep our old names.

In addition, we’re more formally supporting Rustici Dispatch and Rustici LRS as independent software solutions. This functionality is already well-loved and used by our customers, so we’re making that usage official by referring to Rustici Dispatch and Rustici LRS as products. You can expect to see new Knowledge Base articles appearing as we update those products moving forward.

Accompanying these changes to our products is a relaunch to our websites, and Before, you may have found product or company-based content on and Moving forward, all product and company content will be found on the website. That is where you’ll hear more about product releases, case studies and helpful how-to guides on using our products, along with all of the great articles found here. and will be reserved for educational content about the specs. So go ahead, go take a look and see what these changes are all about!

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