Engine 2017.1.42.1224


Released 2018-06-21



  • Added new setting 'ApiPingCheckDatabase' that when enabled makes the /ping resource do a simple db call to verify the database is accessible, and include information regarding that in the response. Current system time is also now included in the /ping response.
  • Improved input validation on /courses/importJobs, so that 'courseName' is not required in import scenarios that don't need it
  • Added support for S3 file stores with the Offline exporter (for those licensing the Offline add-on). There are several new settings related to this.


  • Fix bug where certain launch links wouldn't work when using external ID encryption
  • Fix possible 'Zip Slip' vulnerability when processing zip file imports on Java version of Engine

Upgrade Tool

  • Fixed bug with the upgrade tool on Oracle databases with extended character sets
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