Content Controller V2.0.114


Content Controller V2.0.114 continues improvements on the ability to remove learner PII from the system to make it easier to conform to the GDPR regulations as well as improving the stability of the application as a whole.

New Features

  • Add public API methods for bulk PII deletion and getting deletion job status. This will allow users to delete more than one learner ID from the system at a time, and view any errors associated with processing the request. Documentation can be found by downloading the updated Public API docs from System Admin > Applications > API Docs. Requesting to delete a learner will remove any generated CSVs that have any PII.
  • Add a UI to delete PII for a single learner ID from an account in the Account > Advanced settings. Requesting to delete a learner will remove any generated CSVs that have any PII.

Minor Improvements

  • Update Engine to 2017.1.39.1184
  • Fix potential "Zip Slip" vulnerability
  • Improve create equivalent workflow

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where a license without any limits could cause 500 errors in the account course page
  • Fix an issue where a null interaction would cause a course launch to display errors to the learner
  • Fix an issue where a courses would not display properly on iOS
  • Fix issue where a course can be added to an equivalent without a language selected

Note: Changes have been made to scormdriver.js. Any modifications to this file must be reapplied.

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