Engine 2017.1.40.1200


Released 2018-06-08



  • Improved error message when creating a registration with an id that already exists
  • Improved performance of cmi5 AU launches for some setups


  • Delete related data from the ScormApiRegToLearner table when deleting registrations through the API
  • Fixed bug in the PHP client where auth credentials were being appended to dispatch zips
  • Fixed bug where temp files weren't being cleaned up after import on Java engine when using the built-in S3 support and had a FilePathToUploadedZippedPackage setting value that also pointed to S3

Dispatch Changes

  • Additional data points added to the schema returned about a dispatch in the API: enabled, registrationCount, registrationResetDate
  • Fixed bug with the zip file produced by the /destinations/[destinationId]/dispatches/zip endpoint on .NET Engine
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