Dispatch and Destination User Privacy


Due to the recent requirements of GDPR, we have enabled a new feature in SCORM Cloud. You can now choose to make all user names and IDs obfuscated in the database and in all reports with a one-way hash. This feature can only be enabled on newly created Dispatches and is set at the Destination or Dispatch levels.

This feature makes it easy to create a new Destination with this setting enabled so that when you create new Dispatches using this Destination, the user information will be obfuscated.


You can also set this enabled at the Dispatch level by creating a new Dispatch with the checkbox enabled.


Note that once set, all launches of the Dispatch will be affected and it cannot be reversed once recorded in the database. Even if you disable it on a Dispatch, those users that launched it during the time it was enabled will be obfuscated in all reports.

Please make sure you have a requirement to use this feature before enabling it and if you have any questions, please send a message to

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