Engine 2017.1.36.1149


Released 2018-05-14



  • Added new PII Deletion Job endpoint to the API to enable deleting of learner-related data for GDPR compliance. See a more detailed explanation and the API endpoint information
  • Improved the handling of long course titles during import of cmi5 courses
  • Added allow="autoplay" attribute to the player's iframe to help with blocking introduced in Chrome 66


  • Fixed bug with offline zip packages created on .NET platform (for use with the Offline SDK product)
  • Fixed potential race-condition with extracting xAPI interaction statement details for rollup, and re-enabled TinCanInteractionsEnabled by default. *See note below for more details.
  • Removed some inconsistencies between Registration.GetRegistrationSummary() and ScormEngineManager.Implementation.GetRegistrationSummary() for cmi5 registrations

Dispatch Changes

  • Add support for dispatching to systems supporting LTI

Upgrade Tool

  • Fixed bug with the upgrade tool that affected customers upgrading from LWS to Engine 2017 Dispatch


* Rollup of xAPI Interaction Statements

In Engine release 2017.1.21.600, we made it so that Engine would extract interaction details (question/answer information) from certain types of statements, and then include that information in the activity runtime details sent through the ApiRollupRegistrationPostbackUrl or in the /progress/detail endpoint in the API.

We recently discovered that in some situations a race-condition could occur when processing these statements, which could trigger an issue with incorrect progress data being recorded. Because of this, in Engine release 2017.1.32.1034, we added a new setting, TinCanInteractionsEnabled, and made the default value 'false' in order to turn off the capture of that data while we came up with a better fix to the issue.

In this new version of Engine, we have again set the default back to 'true' for this setting, as we have fixed the possibility of this type of race-condition happening. Misbehaving courses such as the one causing the race-condition earlier will work now, but may have somewhat degraded performance at times. The TinCanInteractionsEnabled setting can be changed on a per-course basis, if desired, so that errant courses can be ignored for this feature.


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