Content Controller v2.0.100


Released 2018-04-30

New Features

  • Add support for MySQL 5.7
  • Add preliminary support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Add support for AICC, cmi5, and xAPI content inside an equivalent

Security Improvements

  • Disable caching of API requests
  • Add ability to enable HSTS for when hosted behind a load balancer and/or a CloudFront distribution
  • Make session expiration time easier to configure
  • Expose configuration of SSL Protocols and SSL Cipher Suites

Minor Improvements

  • Enable SCORM Engine's runtime data lob feature to improve performance
  • Upgrade Java JDK to 1.8.0u171
  • Upgrade to SCORM Engine 2017.1.31.1021

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue that prevented using certain special characters in MySQL passwords
  • Fix an issue that caused all launches to fail for a particular course after the course is versioned and a previously completed learner re-attempts the course
  • Fix an issue in CentOS that caused launches to fail due to incorrectly applied SELinux security contexts
  • Fixed a known issue that caused an incorrect launch error to appear for deleted course
  • Fix inconsistent rounding in some reports
  • Fix a bug causing completion results for equivalents to be lost
  • Mitigate caching issues that can occur when certain server-side JS files are upgraded


Notes for Self-Hosted Installations

The Content Controller playbooks now require Ansible version or greater.  We've tested with versions and 2.5.1.

We've released new self-hosting documentation, which is available here:

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