Engine 2017.1.31.1021


Released 2018-04-17



  • Added CompletionAmount to /registrations/{registrationId}/progress and /progress/detail


  • Fixed issue where fullscreen launch windows could not be resized
  • Fixed minor issues with player UI: popup launch page text readable on small screens, and removes unnecessary vertical scrollbars for the iframe in some cases
  • Fixed bug with signed launch link expiry time on Java Engine
  • Fixed bug where non-ASCII SCORM suspend data would cause errors when saving progress from the player
  • Fix bug when using AssignLatestVersionInsteadOfRestartRegistration functionality -- if you are using this setting, you should update

Dispatch Changes

  • Be silent when detecting post messages that shouldn't be ours.
  • Adjust method of determining tenant/dispatch id information for polling for results in non-SCORM source packages.

Upgrade Tool

  • Fixed bug with upgrade tool on Oracle databases
  • Fixed potential issue with phased upgrades which manifested as row count audit failures


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