Engine 2017.1.28.969


Released 2018-03-23



  • Configuration endpoints now return any settings that could be set at that level (including those that can be defined at more specific levels)
  • Enable direct launch of a cmi5 AU via the StartSco query string parameter
  • Updated automated user count reporting to match the style of the user count API
  • Adds /atThisLevel configuration API endpoints for modifying configuration settings at precise locations within the configuration hierarchy
  • Stopped logging NotFoundException for TCAPI requests
  • Switched to Json.NET Schema library for Json schema loading and validation. This library leads to a 50% decrease in CPU usage during the statement schema validation step
  • Improved some API validation on POST and PUT calls
  • Added /details endpoint to courses resource to return more details about the course structure
  • Adds extra handling of AICC courses improperly encoding the SID value


  • Fixed a bug in our xAPI request logging
  • Fixed a bug with log redaction in the upgrade tool

Dispatch Changes

  • Correct http/https handling for the Closer.html redirect URL

Upgrade Tool

  • Added ability to convert customers from their custom integration keys to the built-in API integration
  • Fixed bug related to validating the xApiFilesPath setting


API Client Library (.NET)

This version rolls back Newtonsoft.Json to version 8 for the API client library only. Engine itself still uses version 10 as required for our schema validation library.

For customers using both Engine's dll and the API client as part of the same application, they will need to force the use of version 10, to avoid version mismatch issues.

This can be done by adding the following to the web/app.config:

            <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">
                    <assemblyIdentity name="Newtonsoft.Json"
                                      culture="neutral" />
                    <bindingRedirect oldVersion=""
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