403 Error: "This website requires you to log in."

Question: When my client launches a Dispatch package they receive a 403 error message stating "This website requires you to log in." What does this mean?


Answer: This error is tied to a permissions issue in the client environment. They'll need to do the following (and may need assistance from their network administrator if they don't have rights to make these changes.)

  • Add your allow list
  • Enable Third Party Cookies
  • Enable Pop-ups (If the course launches in a new window)
  • Please note: There may be some advanced security settings non-admin users don't have access to change.

On the SCORM Cloud end, you can try changing the launch behavior of the course. For example, if the course is launching in a New Window, change it to launch Frameset.

*If the client is launching in Cornerstone On Demand (CSOD), they may also need to change the compatibility mode in CSOD to "None". This is a Cornerstone property that looks to be set course by course.

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