Content Controller v2.0.80


Released 2018-02-16


  • Improve user count reporting performance
  • Prevent failing usage queries from blocking detail panels from opening
  • Prevent automatic loading of usage data on page load
  • Strip paths from filenames when uploading courses in Internet Explorer and Edge
  • Hide license alert configuration when system email has not been configured

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an error when attempting to load the admin UI while port 80 is open and the application is hosted behind an SSL-terminating load balancer
  • Remove a dependency on which would occasionally cause playbook failures for self-hosted installations
  • Fix an issue causing some launch errors to display incorrectly
  • Fix an issue causing launch error previews to show the wrong error code
  • Fix an issue preventing changes to the registration instancing option from saving
  • Fix an issue preventing the editing of launch errors in IE 11
  • Fix an issue causing the password strength meter to always show 100% in IE 11
  • Fix several rendering issues in IE 11
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