Content Controller v2.0.65


Released 2018-01-31

New Features

  • Added ability to download original course version files
  • Added support for creating custom launch errors on a per-account basis


  • Show language mismatches when editing and creating language equivalents
  • Changes to equivalents (such as removing a language) are no longer saved until clicking Save
  • Improved SDXD content URL building so that query params may be passed to content
  • Upgrade Java to JDK 1.8.0u161
  • Add Ansible option to skip DB migrations (useful to run migrations against only 1 box in a multi-box deployment)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue preventing xAPI statements from being forwarded
  • Fix an issue that reduced max course title length from 200 to 100 characters
  • Fix an invalid namespace in SCORM 1.2 manifest files
  • Fix an issue that caused some tooltips to be truncated in certain browsers
  • Fix an issue that caused the loading spinner to show forever on courses that took longer than 50 seconds to import
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