Engine 2017.1.23.724


Released 2018-01-26



  • Made xAPIPipe processing smarter with URLs in a slightly incorrect format
  • When importing an AICC course by passing a url to the manifest file, we will no longer strip parameters from the manifest url, and will pass them along on all four file requests.
  • Removed limited use of MD5 hashing to make Engine FIPS compliant
  • Updated redaction logic in Java to help with debugging on connection failure


  • Fix potential arithmetic overflow error when importing AICC course with very large max_time_allowed value (.NET Engine only)
  • Update support for the new player and offline SDK 2.0
  • Fix for launching courses on Oracle that have an empty item_identifier
  • Required width/height settings for the player will now have an impact on window size
  • Fixed link pointer style on some player pages

Dispatch Changes

  • Adds interactions support for courses dispatched as SCORM 1.2. Note: Interactions with the type long-fill-in will have their answers truncated to 255 characters if necessary to conform with SCORM 1.2 spec. Interaction and objective IDs longer than 255 characters will be hashed in order to conform to SCORM 1.2 spec.
  • Corrects replacement of a string in the file when exporting a dispatch as AICC.
  • Updates SCORM Driver to 7.1.0 and fixes numeric interactions being lost for dispatches where original course is cmi5 or xAPI/TinCan.
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