Engine and Engine Dispatch 23.3.39


Released 2024-04-19


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes xAPI migration for orphaned and deactivated tenant records during upgrade
  • Avoid errors when upgrade is restarted after getting partway through xAPI statement upgrade
  • [Java Only] Updated to the latest BouncyCastle (for RSA key handling) and JodaTime (for date/time handling), prompted by a CVE report, even though it did not impact our usage


  • Added the PensDuplicateAction setting for specifying the action PENS takes when importing a duplicate package
  • Return 404 instead of a 500 status when calling GetPIIDeletionJob with a nonexistent job id
  • Custom CSS in AudioVideoContentStylesheetPath now also applies to YouTube and Vimeo content
  • LRS GET request error message for invalid/unsupported X-Experience-API-Version simplified to improve security
  • Better validation of required properties for LTI 1.3 Connector creation requests
  • [Offline Extension] GetPlayerZip will now automatically return the a copy of the latest player code without the need to manually issue a DeletePlayerZip request to remove the previous cached version
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