Engine and Engine Dispatch 23.2.21


Released 2024-03-25


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes 401 errors on TinCan preview launches
  • Fixes support of TinCan v0.9 content
  • Fixes xAPI file document migration and read/write locations in the upgrade tool


  • Added a LaunchId property to the Webhook payload 'Resources' section for certain topics (RegistrationChanged and Course Launched). This property will contain the value specified in the new LaunchId setting that can be passed when creating a LaunchLink (in the launchSettings collection). The purpose of this is to tie a webhook payload to the launch that triggered it, if desired.
  • Performance improvements for the migration of xAPI statements during the upgrade
  • [.NET Only] Changed default logging configuration to log at INFO and flush every 2 seconds
  • [Java Only] Increased LocalCacheMaxEntries default to 250000
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