Engine and Engine Dispatch 23.1.8


Released 2024-02-23


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes fatal null pointer exception in upgrade tool
  • Fixed an issue where extremely large PII deletions would fail
  • Fixed an issue where large xAPI documents were not deleting properly
  • [Java Only] Updated commons-compress dependency to 1.26.0 for CVE-2024-25710, a potential for an infinite loop, and bumped other "commons" jars it depends on as well


  • New setting: PlayerOverrideCmi5LaunchMethod allows users to specify if they want to ignore the launchMethod found in the cmi5.xml manifest (AnyWindow/OwnWindow) and instead use the PlayerScoLaunchType setting value (like other standards)
  • If the LRS receives a statement with a duplicate ID and the content is different, a 409 status code is returned
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