Content Controller V4.0.581



  • Minor UI changes to improve cosmetics and navigation within the product
  • Better handling for building large zip files
  • Additional tooltips for text that overfills available space
  • Audit logging improvements around the affected parameter when adding metadata
  • Better warning messages throughout the product
  • Include configuration for SCORM 2004 Edition overrides


  • Updated core-js to 3.33.2
  • Updated Moment.js to 2.29.4
  • Removed an XSS vulnerability in the UI

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the course configuration warning for accounts
  • Subtitles no longer cause issues with downloading, editing, and deletion
  • Moving a folder works in all allowed locations
  • Loading shared reports will not require relogging into application
  • Corrected Content Usage Overview reporting counts and display
  • Display missed TinCan questions in the Course Report
  • Allow user creation and editing when email is disabled
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