Content Controller: Advanced Data for Account Courses


Content Controller has a special feature that lets you pass a custom, pre-defined data string to each launched learning object (SCOs, AUs). The data string is available on the object’s querystring and can be accessed in your course's code with a simple check to the `` to get the value.

If you are going to pass a larger object like JSON, we recommend that you Base64 encode the values before entering it in the UI and then decoding in your content. This will not only obscure your values on the querystring, but it also allows you to pass lots of information at once to the course.

To add some advanced data to an account's content, you first must have an Account with a course already added. Once you select the course from the list, the sidebar will show you details about that content and in the bottom section, you'll notice the Advanced Data section.

Expand this section and you can see if there is already data entered for this course. If you wish to add or change the data, simply click the `edit` button and a new dialog appears for your entry.

Here, you can enter your data string and click save. The next time you launch this course on the remote LMS, the learning objects will have this value available to it on the querystring.


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