Content Controller: Publish a new Version


Once your new version is created, you can publish it. This will make the new version the one that launches for learners.

To do this, hover over the version and select Publish. Before it goes live, you'll have the opportunity to decide how to handle learners that are in-progress on a previous version.

If a change was minor, like a typo, you may want to let learners that are in-progress continue on the previous version. If so, select Maintain Progress.

If a change was more significant, you may want all learners - new launches and those who had previously launched it - to be forced to start the new version from the beginning. If so, select Restart.


You can always determine which version of a course is currently published in one of two ways. Under Details, the version ID will be next to Published Version. Under Versions, the published version will be highlighted in blue.

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