Content Controller: Deciding Which Learners Launch a New Version

There are many reasons why you might version a course. Perhaps a simple typo was corrected, or maybe there was a significant compliance change and content was overhauled on a few slides. Since the reasons you have a new version to release vary, Content Controller gives you options in how to handle which version learners see.
If the change between versions is minor, you may opt to leave learners who have already launched the course and are underway on the previous version. This allows them to maintain their progress in the course.
If the change between versions is significant, you might prefer that all learners take the new version. This would include learners who are in-progess, and would require them to restart the course when they launch it next.
When you publish a new version of a course, Content Controller will ask you how you’d like to handle learners that are in-progress.
- Select Restart to force them to see the new version of the course when they next launch. 
- Select Maintain Progress to allow them to stay behind on the previous version.
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