Add Account & Set up a License


To add an Account and set up a License just follow these steps:

  1. One the Account tab, click "Add" in the top right of your screen

  2. In the pop up, name the account, select the license type, and add any notes

  3. There are three license types to choose from:
  • Unlimited - Unlimited access to all courses shared with the account. You'll need to deactivate an account to restrict access to all shared content.

  • Limit By CourseSet a unique limit for each shared course

  • Limit By AccountSet a limit that applies to all shared content

    • Set limit caps by (You can select one or a combination of the options. If you select a combination, the limit that is hit first will deactivate access.):

      • Learner - counts unique learners
      • Registration Limit - counts unique registrations 
      • Expiration Date


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