Content Controller: Learner Reports


Learner Reports give you the ability to drill down by Account and Course to view analytics across a specific pool of learners. You can also select a LearnerID to view learner-specific details.

To access Learner Reports:

  1. Select Reports located at the top right.

  2. Select Learner

  3. Select the Account and Course to view learner details.

  4. Here you can see Completion Rate, Satisfaction Rate, Time vs. Score Distribution, Average Score, and Average Duration.

    The columns in the learner section of this page are sortable. You can also add additional columns such as interactions, so you could see how all learners responded to a particular question. To do this, click on the button on the far right of the table.

  5. Click on a LearnerID to view learner-specific analytics

  6. These reports are also Sharable via the `Learner History (CSV)' button > Name the report > Click `Create' and the job will run.


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