SCORM Cloud Discontinuing non-SNI SSL Support


What's Changing?

In order to improve our ability to distribute content globally across the world, SCORM Cloud will no longer support HTTPS connections from browsers or other platforms that do not support SNI. This change will be effective on September 26th 2016.


What is SNI Support?

Server Name Indication (SNI) is an extension to the transport layer security (TLS) that allows secure web servers to host multiple secure socket layer (SSL) certificates from the same internet protocol (IP) address. Modern browsers and platforms support SNI, but older systems that connect to a system utilizing SNI will likely have certificate validation errors.


Who's Impacted?

Unless you or your clients still use older browsers or platforms, you are unlikely to be affected. Based our traffic analysis, we estimate only 0.14% of our API customers and 0.22% of our customers client browsers will be impacted by this change. A full list of clients that support SNI can be found below. If you are using an unsupported system, the only option outside of upgrading your systems will be to discontinue HTTPS connections to SCORM Cloud and rely solely on HTTP.


Software Type SNI Support Notes Supported since
Internet Explorer Web browser Yes Since version 7 on Vista (not supported on XP) 2006
Mozilla Firefox Web browser Yes Since version 2.0 2006
cURL Command-line tool and library Yes Since version 7.18.1 2008
Safari Web browser Yes Not supported on XP  
Google Chrome Web browser Yes Since 6.0 2010
BlackBerry 10 Web browser Yes Supported in all BB10 releases 2013
BlackBerry OS Web browser No Not supported in 7.1 or earlier  
Windows Mobile Web browser Yes Some time after 6.5  
Android default browser Web browser Yes Honeycomb (3.x) for tablets and Ice Cream Sandwich (4.x) for phones 2011
wget Command-line tool Yes Since version 1.14 2012
Nokia Browser for Symbian Web browser No    
Opera Mobile for Symbian Web browser No Not supported on Series60  
IBM HTTP Server Web server No    
Apache Tomcat Web server Yes Not supported before 8.5 (backport from 9)  
Apache HTTP Server Web server Yes Since version 2.2.12 2009
Microsoft IIS Web server Yes Since version 8 2012
nginx Web server Yes Since version 0.5.23 2007
Jetty Web server Yes Since version 9.3.0 2015
Qt Library Yes Since version 4.8 2011
Mozilla NSS server side Library No    
4th Dimension Library No Not supported in 15.2 or earlier  
Java Library Yes Since version 1.7 2011
Erlang Library Yes Since version r17 2013
Go Library Yes Since version 1.4 2011
Perl Library Yes Since Net::SSLeay version 1.50 and IO::Socket::SSL version 1.56 2012
PHP Library Yes Since version 5.6 2014
Python Library Yes Supported in 2.x from 2.7.9rc1 and 3.x from 3.2alpha4 (in ssl, urllib[2] and httplib modules) 2011 for Python 3.x and 2014 for Python 2.x
Ruby Library Yes Since version 2.0 (in net/http) 2011

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