Troubleshooting an "Oops!" error message


You did it.  You created a course and imported it into SCORM Cloud.  You click Launch and....nothing but a vague "oops" error.  Maybe even nothing at all? This can mean a few different things.  Some examples:

  • The file being referenced by the imsmanifest.xml file may not be in the package OR it’s referenced incorrectly (404 error) 
  • There could be a formatting issue with a file name (i.e. ellipsis in the file name or a casing mismatch) (404 error) 
  • There are insufficient permissions to access the asset if the asset is hosted on an external site (401 / 403 error)

1) The best way to diagnose the error is by launching the course in Chrome or Firefox (I prefer Chrome).

2) Navigate to the slide where you encountered the error, right click, and select inspect.

3) Select console in the pop up window.  Any errors will appear on this tab.

See Larger Image

In the example above (right click to enlarge it), the course is looking for an asset that isn't included in the course package, but is referenced in the imsmanifest.xml file.  To fix, you'll need to either republish the course or drop the asset in the folder specified in the error.


If using Firefox, use the instructions here to open up the developer console.

If using Safari, use the instructions here to open up the developer tools.

If using Edge, use the instructions here to open up developer tools.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at

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