Dynamic, changeable, prescriptions (or sequencing of activities)


I've been tasked with learning about SCORM 2004.  My objective is to determine the fastest way to conform our existing content to achieve compliance.   I've got all of the docs and a few examples, but haven't found examples or documents the perfectly align with our requirements.   So, I'm likely to have a lot more basic questions.  If I'm in the wrong forum for this level of discussion, please re-direct me.

Anyhow, the current questions are about sequencing and navigation.  First let me share a description of our content management system.  It is of course proprietary and not SCORM compliant, but like SCORM LMSs it can prescribe particular activities based on user performance in pretests.  Pretests include many topics.  A topic is coded.  I liken these codes to SCORM "objectives".  So, if I user passes code 101, 201, 301, but fails 401 and 501 then activities that teach 401 and 501 will be assigned.  This seems achievable with sequencing rules that are specified in SCOs.  I think.  It isn't clear to me yet whether or not these rules need to be defined in every SCO or if the rules can be defined in a single place.  Does a SCOs metadata need to specify what activities should be presented next if the user passes or fails particular objectives that were presented in the SCO?  Perhaps I mean to ask, Is the sequencing statically encoded in each SCO?  Finally, our LMS allows teachers to create assignments and override default prescriptions.  For example, typically a user only takes activities teaching topics 101, 201, and 301 if they fail those objectives in the pretests; however, the teacher may specify that all students must take a particular activity teaching 201.  Does SCORM provide a way to specify default prescriptions based on user performance AND simultaneously allow a teacher to override or change which activities are prescribed?  

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