Unity 3D Web Player LMS question


Hello All, 

        I'm currently having an issue with getting a unity 3d project into a SCORM format. As I understand it, I would essentially need to set up my unity project like a web page, with my unity project built out to a web player executable. Because there are a lot of videos in the project I am using a plugin by the name of AVPro for windows media by Renderheads ( the reason being is that since unity doesn't natively support timeline controls I was recommended this plugin to solve that issue, which it has. Now, when I build out the project to A standalone executable (for windows PC for example) the whole thing works great. however when I build the project out to a web player executable and try to view one of the videos while the project is running as i would nomally it crashes on me. Do you guys/gals have any idea why this would be happening? Or, alternatively if you have a alternate idea on how to get a unity 3d project working in scorm that doesn't rely on the webplayer. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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