Significant Error In SCORM 2004 Manifest Templates


Well, we goofed. This morning we discovered a significant error in the SCORM 2004 manifest templates that have been shipping with the SCORM Driver. We're still investigating the root cause of this error, but it looks like our Simple Content API manifest templates got mixed in with the SCORM Driver templates. Updated templates are attached to this post. We recommend that all SCORM Driver customers publishing to SCORM 2004 update their manifests immediately.

Short Explanation

The "completionSetByContent" and "objectiveSetByContent" attributes of the "imsss:deliveryControls" elements are set to "false" in the bad templates. They should be set to "true". This error creates a situation where a conformant LMS will automatically complete the SCO if a user launches and then very quickly exits. The error can also manifest itself if a popup blocker prevents the SCO from properly launching.

Long Explanation

[Excerpt from our "Overriding the Default Sequencing Rules" web page]

By default, SCORM 2004 assumes that all content (SCOs or Assets) will be non-communicative (i.e. they won’t talk to the LMS and report any status). When dealing with non-communicative content, the LMS will automatically mark the content as completed and satisfied just because the learner launched it. The Completion Set By Content and Objective Set By Content settings override this behavior and ensure that the activity will only be marked as completed or satisfied respectively if the SCO explicitly sets the status. Apply this setting to all SCOs in your content.

In most typical launches, this issue doesn't arise. If the SCO sets a status value, then the LMS will use that value and not override it. By default, the SCORM Driver sets an initial status value on launch. Thus, as long as the learner completes the content launch sequence, everything will be fine. The issue arises when the learner launches the SCO and then immediately closes it. If the timing is right, the LMS can detect that the launch happened, but that no status was reported. In that situation, it correctly auto-completes the SCO.

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