Can I retrieve course title from the manifest?



I have recently been implementing the Rustici SCORMdriver into our Flash e-Learning template and have realised I have been adding the course title into the manifest and embedding it within our learning.

So I was wondering what the best approach was for obtaining the course title from the manifest?

I was thinking about using the launch data to get the course title from the manifest.

Is this how you would utilise launch data?

If not could you please provide me with some instances of when you would use launch data?


The short answer is that you can't retrieve the Title element from the manifest (as a piece of content). It's not one of the items accessible via GetValue. You could duplicate that value in launch_data and then retrieve it if you wanted to. That's an option. Or, you could have your own XML file in the same directory and parse that from within Flash (but not using SCORM). LaunchData is often used for something like... a skin... Say, if you had 5 skins in your "player" and wanted to use the LaunchData as a configuration picker... you could do that. (Truth be told, many folks just don't use it.)

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