Using Redirect on Exit in Articulate


We have a client that built a course in Articulate and ran into some issues with some special functionality they were needing for a specific client.  Their client was looking to make it so the learner would not see their status or score upon completion of the course.  What they did was on completion send the user to a redirect page that would notify the user that they have completed the training, and would be contacted in 2 weeks with their results.

This caused an issue where upon closing of the redirect page, the course was not unloading the information that the LMS needed.  (score, status)

After some research on their side, they found that if they inserted a blank slide into the course after the last slide of the quiz.  On that slide they put the message “you’ll be contacted in 2 weeks” … when the user hits the next button, it  prompts them to submit all, and that ends the course. They also selected the option in articulate to not display the success message at all.

So – no success message in articulate… blank slide at the end to display the message… course ends properly and calls the rollup registration and executes the registration summary and returns the completion data to the LMS.

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