Captivate 4 Table of Contents Status Marks not Persisting


I have a Captivate SCORM 2004 compliant file that is not bookmarking in SCORM Cloud. In the compatibility settings I have set "Resume Runtime Data" to "never" as suggested in you forum. However, the check marks are still not showing up for past progress in my lesson. Is there anything you know of that I can do. I can send the file if needed.

Apparently the new TOC component in Captivate 4 doesn't work as one might expect when it comes to bookmarking in an LMS environment.
When a user enters a session, the TOC will keep track of that user's progress with green checkmarks (status flags).
However, when a user exits the session and later returns, he/she can pick up where he/she left off but the green checkmarks do not persist.
According to Andrew Chemey, these checkmarks were not intended to persist in an LMS setup.


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